About CJ Johnson

C.J. Johnson was born in St. Louis, MO and currently lives in the Central Texas Hill Country outside of Austin, Texas area between Liberty Hill and Leander . He is the proud father of three boys, Jonathan (25) and Peter (24) and Nicholas (23). Jonathan and Peter both graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and Nicholas is serving in the United States Marine Corps. Being a Dad has always been C.J.'s main priority - even when away from his kids for extended periods of time. It was always to provide for them. He couldn't be prouder of the men they have become.

His fascination with magic came at an early age when he was given a magic book "Dunninger’s Monument to Magic" for Christmas one year. Though none of the tricks in the book were ever performed by C.J. (or anyone else probably), that book sparked the interest in magic. That spark faded for a while but was started again in high school when he spent his entire weekly allowance to learn a magic trick ($4.00). It was a card trick that he still uses to this day so he considers it a bargain.

While in Middle School C.J. was given a unicycle by his Aunt Laura and Uncle Buster, and he finally learned how to ride it during his Junior Year in High School. But it was in college where he really got good at riding it - way above average for the time. It was there that he also learned how to juggle and became a bit obsessive with both.

In 1985 C.J. auditioned for Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus Clown College. Though not accepted into that years class the audition literally changed his life. Scott Linker, a clown with Ringling, told him the audition was good, and that C.J. should get more experience in front of a live audience. That’s what he’s been doing every since.  Scott Linker probably has no idea of the change his comments made in the direction of C.J.'s life.  He never went to clown college, but he never looked back either!

That audition included a show that consisted of Juggling and Unicycling as did C.J.’s first shows in the College Station, TX area where he attended College at Texas A&M University in the College of Architecture’s Construction Management Department. His first "professional" show was done in trade for an ad in the local "Thrifty Nickle" to advertise his new show.

The more show’s C.J. did the more the audience wanted to see magic and his shows soon evolved into shows that were mostly magic. C.J. still occassionally juggles a little bit in most shows, just to hang on to his roots. In 1991 he was awarded "Best Comedy Magic Act" by the Texas Association of Magicians, and he's performed at several of their conventions since that time.

In 1994 C.J. began touring theaters & convention centers performing shows as fund raisers for various police groups and civic organizations. If you are interested in our fund raising programs and are an officer of a bona fide charitable organization e-mail us for full information about our unique fund raising opportunities. Please note that this program is substantially different from our school fund raising program. With this e-mail please include your name, mailing address, organization and phone number.

At about the same time that C.J. began touring theaters he began an earnest study of hypnosis, reading every book he could get his hands on about the subject, some good, some not so good.  Then he got the opportunity to study with Dr. Scott McFall and everything fell into place for C.J. to put his creative talents to the test and create a completely new show using Hypnosis.  In the process C.J. was certified as a "Certified & Registered Hypnotherapist" by the American Board of Hypnotherapy and is now one of most in demand stars of the hypnosis world with appearances for casinos, corporations, colleges, night clubs and high schools throughout the country.  CJ was also voted as "Hypnotist of the Year" by (the now defuct) CampusAwards.com.

In 2003 C.J.'s dream of becoming a "Game Show Host" was realized, at least, sort of.  It was then that C.J. founded "Game Shows To Go", a business specializing in high production game shows that go to college, corporate and fair events.  He's not a regular host of the games, but from time to time you'll see him with an abundance of hair product, a bright jacket and a smarmy grin as he hosts one of the six shows currently touring.

C.J. is a 1982 Graduate of the Marine Military Academy in Harlingen, TX and an active alumni of the school and attended Texas A&M University in College Station, TX and the Dakota Hypnosis Institute.

You can tell a lot about a business person by the length of their relationships and C.J. has been working with many of the same groups for as long as 24 years, with the same business partner for 13 years and the same assistant for over 10 years. Once you've started a business relationship with C.J. Johnson you'll understand why!

Did You Know...

C.J. is an author of more than a dozen books and self-hypnosis CD's. His marketing book "More Shows! More Money!" has sold thousands of copies and dozens of magicians have taken the time to write to C.J. and credit that book with turning their career around or helping them to go full-time as a performer.

C.J. is a Texas Aggie!
While his two sons decided to go to The University of Texas at Austin, C.J. is a dedicated Texas Aggie. His feelings toward UT have softened a little with each check he writes to the University, but he still bleeds Maroon and White. While at A&M C.J. was in the Corps of Cadets, Commander of the Fish Drill Team, a Student Senator, on the founding committee of "The Big Event" and later on... presdient of the A&M Unicycle club.