Key Features

  • -Big Production Show
  • -Major Stage Illusions
  • -Backdrops
  • -Sound
  • -Intelligent Lighting Available
  • -Full Turnkey Event
  • -Very Entertaining Show
  • -Magic Effects You Won't See Often
  • -Assistant(s)
  • -Sound and Light Crew
  • -Plays to Large Audiences/Theaters





Head Games is one of the One of a Kind Illusions Presented by CJ Johnson. To see videos visit the video page.

This is the show when you want to pull out all of the stops.

This show is designed for a large stage and includes a dancer/assistant, stage technician and a handful of large illusions interspersed with comedy effects. Most of C.J.'s larger illusions even have a comic twist to them, something that not many performers can pull off.

When magicians refer to "Illusions" they typically mean larger magic effects that involve a person, large animal or larger item. Illusions in magic = BIG.

C.J.'s current inventory of Illusions :
A three shell game with a girls head and a surprise ending.

CJ flattens a girl and sends her off on an express vacation.

CJ's Assistant returns from vacation via FedEx.

Houdini's classic illusion where CJ and his assistant instantly change places in a locked box.

Floating Girl Illusion with a mid air vanish.

Shiny Steel Spikes penetrate an audience volunteer.

A young lady from the audience floats in the air.

An assistant appears from nowhere.

An updated classic - the upright version of cutting a girl in half.

CJ's head twists round and round, then pops right off of his body..

Each show is custom created and may not include all illusions. Shows will vary depending on staging area, back stage conditions and sight lines.