C.J. is one of the most in demand college hypnotists in the US. Many schools have had him on campus as a part of their traditional programming for as long as 15 years in a row!

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Holiday parties, banquet entertainment, meeting wrap ups or kick offs or as an employee reward CJ's Comedy Hypnosis Show is always a hit with corporate groups.
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Bring in fresh faces and keep people coming back time and time again. Hypnosis is one of the rare forms of entertainment that people will come to see repeatedly so they can experience the show differently each time.
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C.J. has experience at over 350 high school events. Mostly for Grad Night or Project Graduation events. Few hypnotists in the world have this kind of experience. You want CJ at your next lock in - but you need to book NOW as he's always in high demand during Grad Night Season. read more

One of the most popular draws at any fair is a Hypnosis Show. You should pick one who really knows how to pack them in.. read more









Award Winning Comedy Hypnosis. You can count on C.J.'s show to always be hilariously funny without crossing the boundries of good taste.

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Count on CJ to deliver the best possible show each and every night. Every show is different and every show has it's own benefits and challenges - it's the experience of 2500+ shows that makes the difference.

Here are a few more video testimonials about CJ's Comedy Hypnosis Show - just in case you're wondering what people think after a show.

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