CJ doesn't participate in Link exchanges. If there's a link here it's because it's either to one of CJ's other sites, a personal friend, or a business that CJ highly recommends.

Here are some of the products that I use to make my life easier & that you may find make your life easier or more productive as well.

CJ's Other Websites

MoreShowsMoreMoneyC.J.'s Marketing for Magicians Website: "More Shows! More Money!" and the other products I have for the entreprenureal entertainer. Including the original "Instant Author Kits" for magicians, Licensing Rights to "The Magic Inside" Motivational Magic Show, and instant downloads of most products.

SleepWithCJ.comC.J.'s Comedy Hypnosis Website - Find out more about CJ's Award Winning Comedy Hypnosis Show including video, dozens of testimonials from happy clients, pictures, downloads, self hypnosis CD's and downloads and much, much more.

GameShowsToGoGame Shows To Go - In 2003 C.J. started a company with the mission of providing High Production Game Shows for the corporate and college markets. 2009, in a down economy, was Game Shows To Go's biggest year yet - and the best is yet to come. Incredibly entertaining shows, huge game show sets, first class production and support are all reasons that Game Shows To Go is one of the countries leaders in mobile game show production. Shows include: Brain Cell, Beat the Banker, Bonk, Do You Remember Being a 5th Grader, Survey Says and Spin the Wheel.

Motivational Mind Reader

Motivational Mind Reader - C.J.'s latest, and perhaps most mind-blowing program is Motivational Mind Reading. Wheterh combining incredible feats of mentalism with motivational and inspirational messages and stories or presenting an evening of astonishment for entertainment only this is a show that people will talk about for YEARS as C.J. appears to get inside of your mind and reveal information that should be impossible to know.

Plus... for the college or high school students

Some of CJ's very talented friends

Brian Brushwood, my business partner, is an incredibly talented magician & speaker. What more can I say except that I chose to share my business with him. He's in the process of being on TV all the time & you can find out more at

Bonnie Brushwood, (also Brian's wife, and a long, long time ago, my assistant), is an amazing artist and one of the most delightful human beings that you could ever hope to meet. You can find out about her art at

TMyers Magic, These guys changed balloon twisting with the invention of the one stroke balloon pump in the early 80's and have continued to be a leader in the balloon twisting world. Recently purchased by my good friends Gus and Bettina Davis - they'll take great care of you for all of your balloon twisting, clowning and magic needs.

David Hira, one of my favorite people and best friends, in the world and my "moral compass" in life. He's the guy I always call with ethics questions, tough business decisions or when I have a problem in life that requires wisdom. He's a brilliant magician and one of the finest public speakers I've ever had the chance to hear speak. He will get results for your company if he speaks to them.

porterdavis - These guys have a style of music that's difficult for me to describe, but I can tell you that I love it. Mike, Daniel and Simon are all tops at what they do, and top of my list, they're really great people too! Check them out at People ask me where the "music on hold" comes from for you GotVMail - account - it's porterdavis.

Zane Williams - I first met Zane by playing Hacky Sack with him at NACA conferences (he's one of the most amazing footbaggers I've ever seen!). He's the only guy I've ever seen get three standing ovations in one 20 minute showcase at a college conference. I think he'll be big someday, most of all, he's a great guy. I love his e-mail updates, and you will too! Visit Zane at:

Get More Corporate Gigs - my friend Barry Friedman (1/2 of the Raspyni Brothers Juggling Team) has created an amazing site to help people interested in working more corporate events. The amount of information he shares is incredible, and his credentials to do so are impecibble.
Check it out at

Study Habits Expert - A great place to pick up some an e-book and audio program that I authored, along with a couple of others that others wrote all bundled together at one ridiculously low price.

Businesses We Like

Reunion Ranch - An awesome place to hold your company picnic, reunion, wedding reception, awards banquet etc. The food is awesome and the hospitality is pure Texas! Check out Reunion Ranch for your next event.

Nightingale-Conant produces, for the most part, great audio programs on wealth, motivation, health and business. Lately they've delved into a little too much of the "New Age" stuff for me, but I can just drop those offers into the trashcan and get great lessons from some of the brightest speakers in the business. You can too by visiting Nightingale-Conant's website.