• Since 1993 C.J. has performed at elementary schools throughout Texas and across the country. Over 1000 shows at elementary schools means that CJ is a PRO at working schools.
  • While currently his work at colleges, for corporate events and at casinos keeps CJ from dedicating a lot of time to school programs, he still accepts half a dozen to a dozen lucky schools into his schedule because it's a show he believes in.

His show "The Magic Inside" has been licensed to scores of magicians in the US and in 13 other countries around theworld and CJ's legacy lives on and has been expanded by these other performers.

If you are a Texas school and would like to see the original performer presenting the material like no one else can, fill out a contact form and let's see if we can make a date work for your students.

You'll be glad you did - and so will your students.



A Just for Fun Magic Show

The Magic InsideOLEPSometimes you want to host a magic show as a reward for a job well done or just as a fun break in the day.

That's when you want C.J.'s Magic Circus. It's 40 minutes of laughs, wonder, amazement and audience participation. Everything you'd expect from a professional of CJ's stature without any agenda except to have a great time. And that they will.

For a good idea of what this show is like it's a combination of CJ's other school programs with a touch of the Little Big Show thrown in.

Show length approximately 40 minutes.

Competitively priced and comes with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Everything needed for the show is provided - all you provide is a place to hold the show and an audience.

Discounts given to schools for multiple shows and for teaming up with another school in the area so  morning shows can be done at one school and afternoon shows at another.

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