School Shows

With Limited availability C.J. still works time into his schedule to perform at elementary schools each year. More...

All Shows Are...

Good Clean Fun
C.J. never uses off color or degrading humor in his shows. No matter what environment he's working, you can rest assured that C.J. will entertain while keeping your reputation safe!

Something Unique
People often think of "magicians" as a commodity. That like a can of corn, they're all pretty much the same. Nothing could be further from the truth. There's a saying in magic that the difference between an amateur and a professional is about 500 shows. Nothing can give an act polish and professionalism like experience can. Put C.J.'s experience of 20 years of performing and many thousands of shows to work for you.


No matter what your event CJ has probably performed in a similar situation. 25+ years of experience (hey... he started YOUNG) have given CJ experience in just about every situation from strolling magic in high end restaurants, to festivals, casinos, theaters, colleges and just about every conceivable situation. Some he's perfect for, some... not so much. The difference between C.J. and others is he'll tell you when he's not right for your event. This means you'll ONLY see C.J. when he can be his best!

Bigger Productions

This is where CJ pulls out all the stops. Grand Illusion, Lighting, Music, Sound Effects, Dancing Girls... he can even make your guest speaker appear if that's what you need. more

The Little Big Show - CJ's Most Popular Magic Program

The smaller brother of the Comedy Magic and Illusion Show this 45-60 minute show includes 2-4 larger illusions and can have many of the bells and whistles of the larger show, but is designed for the banquet hall or hotel ballroom and has much fewer technical needs. Highly entertaining magic with a focus on engagement, if you're having after dinner entertainment - this is probably the show for you. More....

Smaller Shows

Think of this like a show at a Comedy Club. Working out of a small case CJ delivers big laughs and amazement. The focus of this show is on pure entertainment through comedic interaction with his audience. more

Strolling Magic

No need for a stage and lighting when some of the most powerful magic people can experience happens right in their hands and under their noses. C.J. is a master magician who carefully chooses material with BOTH high mystery and high entertainment value. more

Compare the Shows

See a SIDE BY SIDE COMPARISON of the shows including size of cast, length of show, appropriate audience & size.