The Perfect Wrap Up Event

The Motivational Mind Reading Show is the perfect wrap up to your meeting as it's designed specifically to send people home smiling and inspired to put to use the knowledge they gathered at your corporate meeting.

C.J. has a full website about the Motivational Mind Reading Show.

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Communicating themes common in motivation with an emphasis on paying attention to the fundamentals.

Recipe for Success.

The formula is 60% entertainment and 40% message, and C.J. will work with your group to meet your specific goals for your event.

Best of all, when used as a wrap up to a day (or week) of intense training, CJ sends everyone home smiling, thinking, talking, and with a wonderfully presented message about putting the information learned to work when they get back home. This makes his show the perfect wrap up to your corporate retreat.

His "Funda-MENTALs" program focuses on key points for success in various areas of our lives. It draws attention to, and reinforces topics that we've all heard before, but may not be using to their full potential. As a serious "student of success" for more than 25 years, C.J. has read hundreds of books, attended countless seminars and listened to thousands of hours of success and motivational audio programs - and the KEY POINTS that these programs seem to all have in common are the basis for this 1 hour excursion into the power of the human potential.

Use the POWER of ENTERTAINMENT to help you break through.

There has never been a time that mentalism (mind reading) has been more in the public consciousness. NBC's Phenomenon, Derren Brown's TV specials, Mindfreak and more have created some awareness about an art form that has been around for a long, long time, but that until recently had been ignored in the mainstream culture.

Take advantage of mentalism's popularity and use C.J.'s experience of over 20 years to drive home messages at your event in a unique, novel and memorable way.

Of course, C.J. can always present an "Evening of Mind Reading" without messages to give your group some great, intellectually stimulating and fun entertainment.


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