The Original

  • Since 1993 C.J. has performed "The Magic Inside" at elementary schools.
  • While currently his work at colleges, for corporate events and at casinos keeps CJ from dedicating a lot of time to school programs, he still accepts half a dozen to a dozen lucky schools into his schedule because it's a show he believes in.

"The Magic Inside" had been licensed to scores of magicians in the US and in 13 other countries around the world and CJ's legacy lives on and has been expanded by these other performers.

If you are a Texas school and would like to see the original performer presenting the material like no one else can fill out a contact form and let's see if we can make a date work for your students.



The Magic Inside

The Original Motivational Magic Show .

By far C.J.'s most wide reaching and acclaimed school program. This program has been presented at hundreds of schools over the years, by both CJ and those who have licensed the show in 13 different countries around the world!

The show focuses on motivational and inspirational magic routines that reinforce lessons of accomplishment, high self-esteem and the power of learning from mistakes (both our own and those of others). As with all of CJ's school assembly programs there is a strong focus on the use of the library - especially biographies and autobiographies. More...

Reading Magic Show

Teaching kids about the POWER gained from reading.

A fun program that's perfect to kick off a reading program, book fair, or to be used as a reward to those who've met their reading goals. This show focuses on reading, the library and the proper care and respect of books. More...

CJ's Magic Circus

A "Just for Fun" School Assembly

This show is perfect to use as a reward for attendance, honor roll, other achievements or just as a fun program for the whole school to enjoy. Available as a daytime show, or as an evening event for your PTA or PTO to sponsor to get everyone to a meeting. The magic is 100% different than either of the two shows above - so you can even use one show during the day as a teaser for an evening show the same day and charge admission to that show and end up with two great programs at minimal cost or even a profit. MORE INFO...


Shows will vary depending on staging area, back stage conditions and sight lines. Fill out the contact page info or C.J. a call and let's talk about your events specific needs.