Amazing Magical Secrets for KidsMAGIC DVD!

Learn Magic the Easy Way - by using Amazing Magical Secrets for Kids the DVD. Includes instructions for 12 easy to learn, but amazing magic tricks, fully explained by CJ Johnson. Makes a perfect gift for that special child just getting started in learning about magic.
$20.00 - online special only $15.00.

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8x10 glossy8x10 Glossy

color photograph of C.J. in action with the wringer box illusion.  This picture was taken by Fort Worth Photographer David Thomason.  All of the effects were done "in camera".   David is a very creative guy, if you're a performer looking for interesting pictures contact him. 

This color picture is $5.00.

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Two Card MonteTwo Card Monte

a simple card trick that you can be doing in minutes with only a little bit of practice.  It's afun trick that's easy enough for young children to do, yet it'll still fool them!  Only $2.00. This trick is fully explained on the Amazing Magical Secrets for Kids DVD.

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Show PosterMagic Show Poster

24" x 17" full color poster of C.J. and his assistant Laura performing "Modern Art", an upright cutting in half illusion that is one of the highlights of C.J.'s illusion show.  
Shipped in a mailing tube and autographed for only $5.00

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Svengali DeckThe Svengali Deck

an incredible deck of trick cards that enable to you do more than 20 tricks (instructions included).  This deck is so cool that top pros use them all the time!  One of the tricks is to have a card chosen from a deck, show that that card has vanished from the deck, and then show the same deck is now nothing but the selected card!  In magic shops these cards cost anywhere from $10-$20, but you can get it here for only $7.00!  (be sure to check out our incredible deal on three different trick decks for only $15. at the bottom of this section!)

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C.J.'s Super Magic Fan Pack!

Fan Pack You Get the following products all at one low, package price:

  • DVD - Amazing Magical Secrets for Kids
    Book - Amazing Magical Secrets for Kids
  • 2 Packs of Cards including
    • Svengali Deck
    • Hocus Pocus Deck
  • 8 x 10 color photo
  • Two Card Monte

Regular Price for all items priced separately is $41.00, but order it now and you get it all for only $25.00 plus postage/tax

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Magic BookAmazing Magical Secrets for Kids!

This book, formerly available only at C.J.’s live performances is now available here. The book includes 65 tricks that you can do with items you have around the house. It is designed for the elementary school aged child, but is fun for any age! Autographed on request.  Book is center stapled and measures 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 and is only 5.00 postage paid

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Hocus Pocus DeckTapered Cards (The Hocus-Pocus Deck)

This trick deck of cards enables you to do 20+ different effects, including having a selected card visibly rise from the center of a shuffled deck!  Very clever and versatile - very easy to do!

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