The Original

  • Since 1993 C.J. has performed "The Magic Inside" at elementary schools.
  • While currently his work at colleges, for corporate events and at casinos keeps CJ from dedicating a lot of time to school programs, he still accepts half a dozen to a dozen lucky schools into his schedule because it's a show he believes in.

"The Magic Inside" had been licensed to scores of magicians in the US and in 13 other countries around the world and CJ's legacy lives on and has been expanded by these other performers.

If you are a Texas school and would like to see the original performer presenting the material like no one else can fill out a contact form and let's see if we can make a date work for your students.



The Magic Inside

"Hot AirThe magic is in you: is the message Master Magician C.J. Johnson shares with school children throughout the country in his motivational and inspirational "The Magic Inside™" school assembly program. C.J. uses the art of magic to grab the children's attention then talks with them about a variety of motivational topics: "Say No" to drugs, set goals, you can do anything you put your mind to, learn from your mistakes and more -- all while enjoying an entertaining magic show! C.J.’s fun loving character is appreciated by both students and faculty; in fact, teachers often comment that they have as much fun as the students!!!

THE MAGIC INSIDE™ gets your students "pumped up" and ready to get more out of themselves, school and life. Some of the messages included in THE MAGIC INSIDE™ program are:

  • --- You are an important person!
  • --- Set your goals high!
  • --- "Say No" to drugs and alcohol!
  • --- School is important!
  • --- Don't give up!
  • --- Assume personal responsibility!
  • --- And many more!

Money Back Guarantee

The Magic Inside™ is guaranteed! If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the assembly program you host -- you don't have to pay! C.J. has offered this guarantee for 11 years and has been enthusiastically paid after each show!

But wait, You also get.....

When your school hosts The Magic Inside™ School Assembly Program you get more than just a magic show. You get an award winning magician talking with the children about the "Real Magic" in life -- the ability to be and do anything you want. You will receive support materials: a teacher’s kit with ideas for discussion and additional resources; posters to promote the show; a press release to let your community know the "extra mile" you are going for the children's success; and a copy of C.J’s book "Amazing Magical Secrets for Kids" which is full of tricks the kids can learn.

Use "The Magic Inside"™ in Your Anti-Drug Campaign

Though The Magic Inside™ is not specifically an anti-drug program, it will fit in nicely with your campaign against drugs. After all, a positive self-image is the first step toward keeping a child away from substance abuse.

Many schools have used The Magic Inside™ as a very effective part of their anti-drug programs and now you can too. Being a part of your drug education campaign you can probably use resources from state and federal sources to help defray the costs of the program. Many school districts have already have approval to use "anti drug money" to pay for this show.

THE MAGIC INSIDE™ is motivating, fun and memorable. Use it as a stand-alone assembly, a reward program or as part of a larger anti-drug program. Your students will benefit from THE MAGIC INSIDE™ far longer than the length of the program..... perhaps forever!


References Happily Provided

If you are interested in knowing what others who have hosted The Magic Inside™ are saying about the program, we will happily provide you with the names and numbers of others who have hosted the program.

Add to that the confidence that if you are not completely satisfied you don’t have to pay, then there is no reason your school shouldn’t host The Magic Inside™. C.J. has offered this guarantee for 18 years and has been enthusiastically paid after each show!

Shows will vary depending on staging area, back stage conditions and sight lines. Fill out the contact page info or C.J. a call and let's talk about your events specific needs.